Tango with Grace: Individual Technique

Sunday October 27, 4:30 – 6:00 PM
Wilkins School Community Center
7604 Charleston Ave, Regent Square 15218 (map it)
Cost: $15 (no pre-registration necessary)

The Pittsburgh Tangueros have begun a casual series of “one-offs” with invited local tango talent, organized around the theme of “technique.”

I combine my experience in salon tango with a background in dance/movement therapy, pilates, yoga, and modern dance to help you step up your tango game. This workshop is for tango dancers of all levels who want to gain mastery of their own movement. We assume you own a basic tango vocabulary: embrace, walking parallel and cross-foot, pivot, and turn. I will focus on increasing your body awareness, balance, fluidity, and grace. You will practice posture, alignment, balance, dissociation, clarity, for followers and leaders. Special attention will be placed on the follower’s role: sensitivity and sharpness in the boleos; playfulness and timing for adornments.