KINNECT is now dance energetics. Find the new page: here.

KINNECT Holistic Dance Fitness

Saturdays 11am-12pm // Summer Session: June 1 – August 31 (no class 8/24)
BYS Yoga // 1113 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 (map it)
See BYS for pricing and registration

KINNECT™ is a holistic movement practice rooted in dance and healing arts. The technique draws from modern and ethnic dance; mind/body fitness such as Bartenieff connectivities, yoga, and pilates; dance/movement therapy; and healing arts such as meditation, chakra balancing, and breathwork.

What to expect: A KINNECT™ class starts off by grounding, sensitizing, and strengthening the body. We then move into group interaction and expressive dance, and finish with a guided meditation. Because of the progressive nature of this class, expect a dynamic experience! You will sweat, laugh, dance, release, and get connected.

What to wear: Clothes you can move in. Barefoot is preferable but you can wear socks, jazz, or ballet slippers if that’s more comfortable for you.

Who’s it for? KINNECT™ is for every body and level of experience. Because it’s a mindful practice you can always modify any movement to fit your needs. However, if you do have injuries or think you maybe pregnant, please contact me prior to attending class and take precautions as you would with any other form of exercise. You do not need to have dance experience, know about chakras, or even care they exist to benefit and have a great time in class!

Why KINNECT™? Connection is fundamental. KINNECT™ movement practice focuses on increasing your sense of connectivity in every way: to your breath, the earth, your body, senses, and emotions, to others, to your creativity, your higher self, and to a greater love. As we move progressively through the chakra system in each class, we explore each of these aspects of connectivity. If I have one hope for you in this class, it’s that you leave feeling highly connected.

What people are saying: “My girlfriend Linda and I had an AMAZING experience taking Greta’s KINNECT class! It was truly amazing and I’ve been spreading the word to friends and family, encouraging them to come and try the class. The studio space is beautiful and more importantly Greta’s energy was incredible. LOVED THE CLASS and I will back for more :)” –Sandra