The Intuitive Body: An Introduction to Dance & Self-healing

April 21, 2013 // 5-7:30pm
Mookshi Wellness Center
401 Biddle Avenue 2nd Floor (map it)

For registration call (412) 407-7829
$20 pre-registration before April 12th
Limited space available · $25 at the door

The body is a self-regulating mechanism if you listen to and take action on its requests. This workshop focuses on the relationship between you, your body, and your intuition. Through movement practices you are guided to cultivate a trusting relationship with your body’s expression and intuitive guidance.

We’ll explore some questions like:
•    What does your movement say about who you are?
•    What are some habitual movement patterns you find yourself in?
•    What are your body’s desires? What are your spirit’s desires?
•    What is your body requesting? What is your spirit requesting?

Dress comfortably and bring a journal.