Earth Embodied

Dance Energetics Module One

October 12, 2013 // 12:30-2:30pm
BYS Yoga // 1113 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 (map it)
$20 in advance/ $30 at the door
Contact BYS at (412) 481-9642 for registration

Dance Energetics Embodiment Intensives are somatic journeys through one of the seven distinct essential energies. Through movement exercises, embodiment games, experiential dance, visualization, introspective journaling, meditation, and discussion, you will discover how these energies serve you in your life and how to truly embody them when you need to call upon them.

The Earth Embodied Intensive helps you find the pathway to grounding, trust, stability, health, and abundance. You will get hands on tools for aligning with earth energy through your movement, your thoughts, and your energy.

“I am grounded”

ENERGY: Root Chakra

The root chakra is an energy center located at the base of your spine (coccyx) and is associated with Earth energy. Chakras serve as valves for our energy systems that manage specific inbound and outbound energies. The root chakra is particularly important because it manages the energy distribution of the entire physical body and affects immune functioning and bone health. A healthy root chakra flowing with abundant earth energy results in feeling highly energized, yet stable.

PSYCH: Abundance

Earth energy governs the quality of our existence on the physical plane. We feel trusting, safe, and secure that our most basic physiological needs—food, water, shelter, sleep, breath—will be provided. A healthy connection to Earth energy provides an abundance of resources—money flows, our bodies are nourished and in good health, we have a strong support network, and we feel deeply at home in this world. There is the sense that all is in order. We feel a sense of belonging and a deep trust in the earth’s resources and our ability to attain them. Earth energy equips us with the tools to deal with day-to-day human life with steadfastness, trust, stability, patience, and consistency.

SOMA: Breath, coccyx, psoas, legs, feet

Our most fundamental nourishment is breath. Utilizing this most basic function—the stabilizing, nourishing, dependable, and cleansing inhale and exhale—we can access Earth energy. Breath actively supports all of our movement. We bring consciousness to the back of the body and stability in the lower body to stand securely on our own two feet. We move through space from our center of gravity utilizing the psoas muscle and ground through the sacrum (sacred bone) and coccyx.


The embodiment of Earth energy consists of accessing our sense of weight, shifting from our weight center, yield-push pattern, and ability to utilize gravity.