Witness Sessions

Witness Sessions are one-on-one somatic-spiritual journeys blending authentic movement, free-association dance, moving meditation, journeying, mind-body integration, and intuitive guidance. As you experience the succulent guidance of your intuitive body, I compassionately witness your journey unfold. You will unlock the wisdom of your moving body, deepen your connection to self, and release old energy and limitations.

New to something like this? I’m there to guide you in learning to listen to your body speak.

$75 per session
60 minutes
Mookshi Wellness Center
401 Biddle Avenue,  2nd Floor (Patio Entrance) Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

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Witness Gatherings

Witness Gatherings consist of women joining together to share their authentic selves, to move in communion, and to witness each other’s hearts blaze. Movement is a language that speaks louder than a thousand words. Through kinesthetic empathy we learn how to truly connect with kindred spirits. Through connecting with others we learn about ourselves. Through accessing our inner dance we connect to the wild divine. This group will nourish your body and soul and support you in your path to shining brightly.

Upcoming Session: TBA