Intuitive Readings

This one hour session consists of you asking questions and me receiving intuitive guidance on your current life circumstances, dreams, struggles, and next steps. I become a direct line of communication between you and your higher self, allowing you to see yourself in a spiritual light. I see your energy unfold in front of my eyes like a colorful movie, offering important information about your life path from a bird’s eye view. I can shine a light on emotions, dynamics, and thought processes at play, and can help you align with your highest good.


“Greta’s Intuitive Reading was right on target. Things I’ve intuitively felt were validated the a most beautiful way—with pictures and colors and images and words—as if it was a guiding light shining on to the truth of what is best for me at this time, eliminating the confusion that can sometimes be a part of “monkey mind” thinking and decision making process. I felt wonderful and wowed and a sense of joy and lightness that resonates with me on a “higher self” level. I feel clarity, excitement and wisdom as I make my new way forward and I would highly recommend it to others (and actually have).” –D.B., Pittsburgh, PA

Available Mondays and Tuesdays
Via skype, facetime, and google hangouts

For the next 6 months I am offering readings by donation (until 9/1/14). Don’t miss this opportunity!
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