Dancing in the Dark

I don’t claim to know what the hell I’m doing. I’m just a human being trying to figure this shit out with as much heart and honesty as I can muster. I am starting 2015 filled with enormous uncertainty: many things are ending and there is no clear sign of what is beginning. I have […]

The Dance Of Sabotage

There are some dreams that are so close to our heart, so delicate, so fragile, that to even whisper them out loud would have us trembling in our boots. There are those things that we care for so deeply, that we desire with so much of our being that we would rather keep them locked […]

Dancing with Destiny: How I started Coaching before I even knew it

Last winter I had the honor of witnessing one of my close childhood friends perform his inspired, emotionally moving, and brilliantly choreographed work at the Byham Center in Pittsburgh. Kyle Abraham, with his company Abraham.In.Motion, brought the audience to a standing ovation, not only with pride for a hometown hero creating artwork about Pittsburgh, but […]

Are you afraid to ask?

No, of course not. I ask for what I want all the time. Look deeper. I’m putting myself out there right now with my new biz. I’m throwing up websites, kicking out emails, facebooking my face off, starting events, and making myself ultra visible, at least in my mind. I’ve been a part of this […]