Are you blocking your body’s natural ability to heal?

I feel tired these last few days. I want to clean my house and do some other physical activities, but my body is saying no. My mind is saying, “body, there is something wrong with you.” However my higher self knows that I have to yield and surrender to the cycle my body is in […]

Guts, courage, and cojones

We all say we want happiness and fulfillment. But what the heck does that mean? You are one of a kind and you are completely unique in your talents, your temperament, and your passions. What lights you up is completely different from what gets someone else revved up. And that’s exactly why it can be […]

Connecting with Intuition, Creativity, and the Collective Unconscious through Movement and Meditation

Accessing the ALPHA state through Meditation Cycles per second Type of brain wave Activities 21 > 14        BETA                Fully Conscious / Awake – the conscious mind is busy, concentrating 14 > 7         ALPHA             Light Sleep / Dreams / Meditation / Daydreams/ Creative Visualization / Connection to the subconscious 7 > 4          […]