Why I Dance Argentine Tango

Those reading this will likely fall into three camps: those who associate tango with the flashy, choreographed, rose-in-mouth dance they have seen on Dancing with the Stars; those who have friends who dance Argentine tango and suspiciously wonder why their friends have joined some sort of dancing tantra cult; and those who have already drunk […]

Guts, courage, and cojones

We all say we want happiness and fulfillment. But what the heck does that mean? You are one of a kind and you are completely unique in your talents, your temperament, and your passions. What lights you up is completely different from what gets someone else revved up. And that’s exactly why it can be […]

Ethics for Helpers & Healers: Words Act Like Spells

Dear healers, intuitives, energy workers, and massage therapists: I have a request and a concern. I’ve been been both a recipient and a facilitator so I speak having been on both ends. My rub: Please don’t just carelessly tell people they have some serious blocks, or a ton of tension, or dirty energy in their […]

Friending Facebook: How to navigate your relationship with social media

There are three major positions as far as social media is concerned: those who don’t have a facebook account and don’t ever plan on getting one (until they finally give in to the pressures of their loved ones or their business coach), those who believe that life and business IS social media (and without it […]