Dance & Movement

Week 1: Broom Closets and Bliss (but most definitely not at the same time)

(Insert bandoneon and violin.) So, my first night in Buenos Aires… (Skreech! Needle pulls off the record) was spent in a broom closet. What? Let me back up… Everything was going perfectly smoothly up until then. The flight was a breeze (10.5 hours wasn’t really that different from 9 hours which I’d done before), I […]

Bay Area Buzz Pt. 2

The day we returned from the Yosemite trip I checked into the hostel and spent most of the day getting myself together—showering (there wasn’t much of that on the trip), napping, rearranging my luggage, checking email, etc. Later that evening, once we felt like civilized human beings again, I accompanied Paige to a belly dance […]