Dance & Movement

Why I Dance Argentine Tango

Those reading this will likely fall into three camps: those who associate tango with the flashy, choreographed, rose-in-mouth dance they have seen on Dancing with the Stars; those who have friends who dance Argentine tango and suspiciously wonder why their friends have joined some sort of dancing tantra cult; and those who have already drunk […]

Dancing with Destiny: How I started Coaching before I even knew it

Last winter I had the honor of witnessing one of my close childhood friends perform his inspired, emotionally moving, and brilliantly choreographed work at the Byham Center in Pittsburgh. Kyle Abraham, with his company Abraham.In.Motion, brought the audience to a standing ovation, not only with pride for a hometown hero creating artwork about Pittsburgh, but […]

Connecting with Intuition, Creativity, and the Collective Unconscious through Movement and Meditation

Accessing the ALPHA state through Meditation Cycles per second Type of brain wave Activities 21 > 14        BETA                Fully Conscious / Awake – the conscious mind is busy, concentrating 14 > 7         ALPHA             Light Sleep / Dreams / Meditation / Daydreams/ Creative Visualization / Connection to the subconscious 7 > 4          […]