Argentine Tango

Tango as Mindfulness

(published in the Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, Winter 2015) Unlike the stylized dance seen on TV or performed on stage, Argentine tango is an intimate, improvised dance that consists of a leader and a follower having a dialogue with their bodies in response to the music. Connected by a warm embrace of their upper bodies, […]

The Dance Of Sabotage

There are some dreams that are so close to our heart, so delicate, so fragile, that to even whisper them out loud would have us trembling in our boots. There are those things that we care for so deeply, that we desire with so much of our being that we would rather keep them locked […]

Why I Dance Argentine Tango

Those reading this will likely fall into three camps: those who associate tango with the flashy, choreographed, rose-in-mouth dance they have seen on Dancing with the Stars; those who have friends who dance Argentine tango and suspiciously wonder why their friends have joined some sort of dancing tantra cult; and those who have already drunk […]

Week 3: On Being Ideal

Learn something. Forget what you’ve learned and then listen to your own truth. Learn something else. Forget what you’ve learned and then listen to your own truth. Repeat. I came to Buenos Aires to learn tango. Now I must unlearn tango. Anyone familiar with tango knows that there are more variations on tango technique than […]