Breath of Life

spiritus: Latin word meaning breath, spirit, soul, courage, vigor


1:  a single complete act of breathing

2:  the physical and chemical processes by which an organism supplies its cells and tissues with the oxygen needed for metabolism and relieves them of the carbon dioxide formed in energy-producing reactions


1:  a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation

2:  the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions

3:  the act of drawing in; specifically:  the drawing of air into the lungs

“life-force” / “prana”  /  “chi”  /  “mana”

Breath: your new best friend.

“Cellular breathing forms the building blocks of our life process. Where it is not taking place, the cells are dead, where there is difficulty, the cells are struggling; and where is occurring freely the cells are alive and healthy.” –Peggy Hackney

Disturbances in breathing patterns may happen due to:

  • birth defects
  • accidents / trauma
  • feelings and emotions (fear, anger, frustration, panic, anxiety, worry)
  • over-thinking (learning something new, trying hard)

Tuning into your breath can help when:

  • you are feeling tired and exhausted (breath brings energy and aliveness)
  • you are feeling “off” or far away from yourself (breath brings awareness to your internal self)
  • you are under pressure (breath helps you release tension)
  • you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed (breath has the power to shift emotions)
  • you are healing from an injury or illness (increasing oxygen flow to the cells of an affected body area can accelerate healing)
  • you want to kick butt (what do you think those martial artists are channeling? Breath.)
  • you want to feel grounded (breath brings us to the present moment and brings us nourishment)
  • you are in an argument and want to create empathy (attuning your breath with another allows you to feel deeply connected)

Connecting with Intuition, Creativity, and the Collective Unconscious through Movement and Meditation

Accessing the ALPHA state through Meditation

Cycles per second Type of brain wave Activities

21 > 14        BETA                Fully Conscious / Awake – the conscious mind is busy, concentrating

14 > 7         ALPHA             Light Sleep / Dreams / Meditation / Daydreams/ Creative Visualization / Connection to the subconscious

7 > 4          THETA             Deep Sleep / Lucid dreaming / Deep Trance / Deep Hypnosis

3 > 1           DELTA             Very deep sleep or an unconscious state and engaged in this state

When the mind is in alpha state it is in an extremely receptive mode. This is the time when we are more likely to have bursts of insight. When the body is relaxed and the linear thinking mind has quieted down, the holistic, symbolically oriented, intuitive receptive process has room to play.

Using Creative Visualization to Connect to your Intuition

Once your body and mind are calm and receptive you are open to receive intuitive guidance, creative insight, and leaps in problem-solving. The intuitive, creative mind responds to colors, sounds, smells, and touch and speaks in symbols and metaphors. You can use visualization to prime yourself to receive information. An important aspect of visualization is not trying too hard. Attempt to not do, but rather receive. Wait and see what happens. Be in the spirit of play and exploration. See it as a game.

The Collective Unconscious through Movement

The microcosm is a representation of the macrocosm which is to say that when you come into this room you bring with you all of your thoughts, your history, and your beliefs, as well as all of your hopes, dreams, and creative potential. Through group movement we start to play with the imagery that arises and becomes a shared experience. While on the one hand, the experience we create is fresh and in-the-moment, it also carries with it the collective experience of all of humanity through time.

Now let’s dance!

Nothing connects you to your fluid, creative spirit like moving without judgment, with joy, for no reason, with your fellow life travelers!