Art, Dreams, and Movement Meets Clinical Science

Creating Beauty, Adventure, and Play for Health

Saturday October 5, 2013
Registration:  9:00am to 9:30am
Event: 9:30am – 3:30pm
Cost of Retreat:  $30.00, includes food & experience
S’eclairer Integrative Psychiatric Medical Practice
341 Story Road, Export, PA 15632 (map it)

This retreat offers an emergent experience with mindfulness, art, sleep-dreams, and movement wherein, you will learn tools to foster your personal well-being and your relationships. Weaving cutting edge clinical science, mindfulness meditation tools, and creative dialogue, we will explore the beauty, adventure and play in art, sleep-dreams and movement. This exploration will foster transformation of your neural patterns, sleep patterns and the awakening of your body-mind-spirit. This transformation to wholeness is natural and good medicine for all of us. It will cultivate an awake and caring life that supports being-well compassionately.

  • Discovering the beauty of your brain
  • Discovering the beauty of sleep
  • Fostering your consciousness through mindfulness
  • Understanding your art-language
  • Connecting to your dream-wisdom
  • Experiencing your life in motion mindfully
  • Exploring the gifts of your natural medicine

Safdar Chaudhary, MD, Integrative Psychiatric Medicine
Zahida Chaudhary, MD, Woman’s Health Medicine
Azmat Qayyum, MD, Sleep and Pulmonary Medicine
Audrey Gardener, PHD, Board Member Pittsburgh Jungian Society
Sigal Govrin, MA, AT, Art Therapist
Greta Polo, MA, R-DMT, Dance/Movement Therapist