Transpersonal Movement Approach

I coach clients to resource their body and their intuition as the inroad to wellness, and optimally, towards bliss. Using dance/movement therapy and body-centered psychotherapy approaches I explore the inner state as it is manifested through movement in the body. To aid the discovery process I also incorporate other creative arts therapies such as drama, art, music, writing, and play.

I emphasize a transpersonal approach to wellness. Using meditation, journeying through movement, visualization, and self-hypnosis techniques, clients learn to trust their inner guidance, access their higher selves, develop their intuition, and see their life from a spiritual perspective.

My approach to coaching and psychotherapy is based on a positive/wellness approach: emphasizing the resources you already have, as opposed to focusing on what’s wrong. I’m influenced by Gestalt’s focus on the present moment, and guide you to experience change in the here-and-now.

I am a witness to your process, a cheerleader of your dreams, and an active coach keeping you accountable and on-track on your journey towards living at full capacity.