Greta Polo, M.A.

Dance has always been my refuge and my passion– since I was a young child refusing to take formal lessons, to my obsessive studies of Argentine tango, to my clinical work as a dance/movement therapist.

Although performing for my mom in our living room was rewarding, I finally decided to buckle down and begin formal training in jazz and modern so I could be in the spirited and beloved Schenley High School musicals. The magic of performing and choreographing in the musicals was a defining moment on my path.

I also continued to explore unstructured movement, beginning to develop a deep relationship with my own creative expression. Experimenting with street dancing to rave music was my first taste of ecstatic dance.

During my college years at Carnegie Mellon I turned my focus towards a career in the visual arts– choreographing instead with color and space. I still continued to perform and choreograph original pieces through a student dance organization.

For some years after college I danced very little and had no other movement practices in place. During this time my health was very poor and I was manifesting all sorts of physical symptoms. I didn’t understand the mind/body/spirit connection at that point but out of necessity I began my journey into self healing. In order to find some relief for my physical symptoms I turned to educating myself about nutrition. I started cleaning up my diet and exploring food allergies. I saw great improvement but I was still not well.

I started digging deeper and this led me into understanding how psychological states manifest as physical symptoms in the body. I worked hard to let myself grieve, patch up family relationships, and start exploring my passions. My pelvic pain disappeared after I healed some emotional wounds, but my food allergies lingered. Digging deeper into exploring my desires resulted into my moving to Chicago, and reclaiming myself as a dancer. As I entered the rich world of dance in Chicago, I mourned the amount of time I spent away from this deep passion of mine, and in essence, the amount of time I spent away from my SELF.

However, I needed this experience to understand how vital it is to have a movement and self-reflective practice. I needed to learn that being removed from my body, emotions, and spirit was a sure path to disease. That if you don’t listen to the subtle whispers of your soul, body, and universe, they will find a more drastic way to get your attention.

In Chicago I trained in and taught NIA (Nueromuscular Integrative Action), trained in modern technique, yoga, pilates, American tribal bellydance, contact improv, Authentic Movement, qi gong, and eventually found myself in a deep love affair with the Argentine tango.

My enthusiasm for the mind & body connection led me to pursue a Master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling. I worked clinically with refugees, adults with mental illness and substance abuse, adults with traumatic brain injuries, and adults with autism and cerebral palsy.

I wrote my thesis on the existential experience of relationship in the Argentine tango, and went to Buenos Aires for a month to train intensively. I also studied a method of practicing Tango Therapy while I was there.

All the while, the more I experienced the body, the deeper I was taken into the spirit. Traditional dance/movement therapy is focused on the connection of the mind and the body, but I was becoming increasingly interested in the body/spirit connection. This has currently led me towards a strong emphasis on the healing arts: meditation, intuition development, and energy healing.

My passion lies in helping “sensitive souls” become empowered through body-spirit integration, mindfulness techniques, and connection to the body’s wisdom.When I’m not in session, I can be found performing, teaching and dancing, cuddling with my cats, being silly, connecting with nature, making designs, meditating, studying metaphysics, and dreaming big.