Guts, courage, and cojones

We all say we want happiness and fulfillment. But what the heck does that mean? You are one of a kind and you are completely unique in your talents, your temperament, and your passions. What lights you up is completely different from what gets someone else revved up. And that’s exactly why it can be so scary, and feel so uncertain when you actually try to reach for it. Often we model our own path to fulfillment by copying someone else’s idea of happiness. But your path to joy is supremely unique to YOU!

Chasing after fulfillment might seem like a rose-colored pipe dream but let’s get clear here: It takes major cojones to commit to one’s own happiness. It takes courage, it takes persistence, and it takes compassion.


It takes serious courage to choose your vision and your version of happiness when the world (including well meaning friends and family) is trying to sell us their agenda.

It takes major persistence to build the “pleasure” muscle (ahem…. in our brains), when our habits have been to limit and sabotage ourselves (and I mean all of us).

It takes a whole lot of compassion for ourselves during our growing pains, when new habits feel strange and uncomfortable (even if they also feel quite good!) and when those pesky fears start rearing their stinky heads.

But is it worth it? Hell yes. And here’s the thing, you don’t have to do it alone. During Dancing Flame Embodied Coaching, I’m here to offer support, clarity, inspiration, motivation, and accountability. It’s your life, and you are here to create. What are you going to create during your time on earth, my darlin? Let’s do this.

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