Ethics for Helpers & Healers: Words Act Like Spells

Dear healers, intuitives, energy workers, and massage therapists: I have a request and a concern. I’ve been been both a recipient and a facilitator so I speak having been on both ends. My rub: Please don’t just carelessly tell people they have some serious blocks, or a ton of tension, or dirty energy in their field without offering a solution— in fact, just don’t say it at all. I consider this poor bedside manner bordering on poor ethical boundaries. Let me explain:

You are stating the obvious and it is not helpful. Obviously the person is carrying some form of pain, blocks, or tension, otherwise they wouldn’t have come to you. Would a yoga teacher go up to a student and tell them they aren’t flexible? (I hope not.) They would instead offer some adjustments, some useful advice to help them reach their goal of flexibility. This is useful and empowering.

Secondly, the power dynamic during a healing session is amplified. The one facilitating the healing process is in a powerful position while the person being worked on is in a receptive and vulnerable position. Being seen on an energetic level is extremely vulnerable. Please use this role with care.

Lastly—and this is the most important one—words have the power to hypnotize us, and they do so on a daily basis. We are more impressionable than we would like ourselves to be, and we are especially attuned to paying attention to negative feedback. Choose your words wisely. Choose empowering language, and offer empowering solutions. People have a tendency to identify with their “pathologies” and the goal is to have people identify with their divinity.

If you see “blocks”, tension, or “negative” energy do what you do so well and simply help the person release them then and there. If you notice something that needs to be released but you don’t have any empowering solutions to offer them, hold that tongue. Try perhaps being curious. Try perhaps asking the person questions that might lead them towards an understanding. Try asking your intuition how the “blocks” might be transformed. If you get an answer, tell them that. If not, it is OK to not know how to help in that moment. Your intention is good, your heart means well, I know it does.

I welcome any comments/discussion on this matter!



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