Dancing with Destiny: How I started Coaching before I even knew it

Last winter I had the honor of witnessing one of my close childhood friends perform his inspired, emotionally moving, and brilliantly choreographed work at the Byham Center in Pittsburgh. Kyle Abraham, with his company Abraham.In.Motion, brought the audience to a standing ovation, not only with pride for a hometown hero creating artwork about Pittsburgh, but because of the raw intensity and magnificence of the work. Not one of us was left unmoved.

While we clapped for him in a fury of thoughts and emotions after his powerful performance, he came out to say a few final words. From seats up in the peanut gallery I heard him say “I see many friends and family out in this audience and I am so happy to see you here. There is one person who I have to thank or else I would not be where I am today. Greta Polo, if you are out there, thanks for encouraging me.”

It felt as surreal as having my name announced on TV and I exclaimed to my boyfriend, “that’s me!” I was humbled. To see such a powerful work of art and then hear that I was thought of as a catalyst for this was hard to take in.

I take no credit for the talent, creativity, sweat and tears, and success of Kyle Abraham. In my opinion he is someone who felt passion in his heart, and made the unwavering commitment to follow the path of his dreams. However there was a time that I believed in him, and this believing must have made all the difference.

Kyle and I grew up together and formed a bond by being quiet misfits, artist-types who moved to a different beat than the rest. We loved to be silly together, but most importantly we both LOVED to dance. Kyle had a unique street dance style that was unmistakable, and he found it hard to not shake his thang on a regular basis. When I was in high school I began dancing in the high caliber Schenley musicals and began taking ballet, modern, and jazz classes at the Civic Light Opera Academy to turn my raw passion for dance into technical skill.

This is how I contributed to Kyle’s date with destiny: I merely suggested that he too should try out to be in the musicals and that he should begin taking classes in traditional dance as well. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Before I knew it he had transferred to a performance arts academy, went off to study dance in college, danced for famous choreographers, and then became a “must-see choreographer on the New York scene.”

All of us who know him have been watching with so much pleasure as we see him shine so brightly, traveling around the world, and making appearances on well known shows such as the Katie Couric show. Here he is with her.


His essence has not changed. In fact we all get to watch him becoming more and more himself. He has had the courage to follow the path that was meant for him. How do I know it was meant for him? Because it is the path of his heart’s desire, the path that leads people to lead inspired lives uniquely suited to their unique genius.

When I took the time to gently encourage Kyle to pursue a path that was so clearly meant for him, I was dancing with destiny as well. Not only would dance become a major part of my life story, so would inspiring others to follow their dreams.

My work in Wild Fulfillment Coaching deals with movement in the literal sense at times, because movement brings the spirit alive. But that in itself, the animation of spirit is my main goal, not the by-product. That is why I counsel and coach people to bring movement to their lives in a metaphorical sense. To dance with life, to move from the heart, from your essence.

You could say Kyle was my first, unofficial coaching client. Now after years of experience counseling others and developing my own intuition, I have an even better capacity to bring people’s passions into light.

I can’t tell you how deeply joyful it makes me to see someone connect to their inner spark and start embarking on an inspired life journey. If you want to speak to me about your dreams, let’s rap during a Coaching session. If you are interested in having a stronger communication with your own spirit, I can help you with that too!

If you and I are on a date with destiny to work together, thus it shall be. Until then, stay vibrant.

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  1. What a wonderful story, Greta! You never know how you actions and words will influence someone over time. Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make a huge difference.

    Way to encourage the greatness of others … you are most excellent at that!


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