Southwest Chief: Chicago to Albuquerque


I made it. 26 hours on the train. It was lovely. Here are some musings from this leg of the train journey.

Slow Train From Mid To West

blue lollipop swirl sky / fluttering green corn field stripes / roads leading to…somewhere / yellow sparks in a sea of green / surprising hills / amish girl eating cheetos / the lure of simplicity / oh train, slow and steady / romance me / black cow / blue tin house / stand in the field and belt a tune / hands grazing the feathery fields / checkerboard cow field / hazy twilight / glued to the seat / white horses, can i touch you? / no words / no bulletins / sunset beam reflecting on the lake / pink emerges / industrial bridge / black pudding lake / stowed accordion / ALL ABOARD!

I sat with Clyde, and airforce retiree, who bought me my $12 breakfast. We sipped coffee and talked about our lives. His wife passed away six months ago and he was trying to stay busy. He told me of all the interesting characters he’s met during his years riding the train. He pointed out the “cay-otes” on the Colorado plain.

I am here

fried barren grassland / nothing but open space / space and more space / rickety houses ravaged by natural forces / be still and know / strange loner bush trees, i like your style / telephone lines keep us connected / way out here / we are somewhere / clydesdales…”you don’t see dem too ofen” / fat cow runs / green puff hills / my new friend clyde says i missed the antelopes / follow my heart / that knows the truth / the train / it was meant to be / i am filled with peace and joy on this ride / with this window / my fellow passengers / the camera can’t catch this / i am here

I slept very comfortably last night being fortunate enough to have the window seat. There is ample room to recline and stretch out. My Amish seat mate, on the other hand, seemed to struggle all night. I was woken up several times as she accidentally tried to wrap her leg over mine. She would apologize in a start and try to squeeze back into her space. Poor thing must have been mortified.


red earth / green ponderosa pine/ cracked rocks / shadow mountain / textural wonder / orange tree rebellion / purple and yellow petals scattered / tell me god is not an artist / i hope i would never stop admiring his work

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